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Roles: Director, Editor

In 2022, Wirex briefed GRAFT with creating a global social campaign that brought Wirex’s visual identity into the metaverse. 

The impact of the pandemic meant that we had to be inventive in our production pipeline. This meant building a campaign that relied solely on stock footage, animation, and clips from the Wirex archive.


We arrived at using a mix of 2D and 3D graphics to elevate the footage - creating something that felt completely fresh yet still true to brand. 

1080x1080 (1x1) Stills.00_00_10_18.Still003.png
1080x1080 (1x1) Stills.00_00_21_15.Still008.png

From creative concept to delivery, we supported Wirex with a core creative campaign: a 15 and 30 second spot that was adapted across 3 different aspect ratios, for 13 different partners, and re-versioned to be released across 4 different economic regions.

In total, we generated over 250 assets to bolster Wirex’s bank of content. We helped to boost their global brand awareness, including supporting them in entering the US market for the first time.


Client - Wirex

Agency - GRAFT

Role - Director / Editor

Creative Team - Doug Choi, Tash Leviton, Shane O'Doherty, Ruby Bell

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