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Urban Outfitters X Juicy Couture

Roles: Director, Editor

In 2022, Urban Outfitters briefed us to create a set of dynamic, loopable, hyper-watchable edits for their first TikTok ad campaign with their brand partner, Juicy Couture.

In collaboration with GRAFT and Tiny Studios, our goal was to seamlessly use a blend of UGC-style footage and filmic visuals to create content that’s both visually elevated yet platform-friendly.


Shooting 3 looks in one day, we delivered 9 unique edits and 14 hero stills to drive the campaign across the Urban Outfitters and Juicy Couture socials.

By leading the creative concept through initial development right through to post-production, we were able to deliver on brief, budget and schedule - creating something that truly stands out on social.

The result was a combined viewership of 10.8M across the 3 top-performing videos on the Urban Outfitters EU TikTok account.


Client - Urban Outfitters X Juicy Couture

Agency - GRAFT

Pre Production - GRAFT and Tiny Studios

Senior Creative Producer @ Urban Outfitters - Rachel Hansard

Director - Ruby Bell

Art Director - James Russell-Vick

Lead Producer - Ed Rowe

Producer - Tash Leviton

DP - Harry Nelder

1st AD & Focus Puller - Celia Hodgson

1st AC - Seb Gillmore

Stylist - Sam Hard 

Model - Akima - Nevs Modelling Agency

HMUA - Amy Goode

Post Production - GRAFT

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