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This project is still in progress! But since you've come all this way, I'll gladly tell you a bit about it. 

Reflections is a research project in which I explore new ways to play in public space using digital technologies. My current concept is a modest prototype of a slit-scanning installation.


Using live camera input, the beholder's image is distorted and reflected back to them to create a wavy, almost fun-house-mirror-like effect.


I'm interested in the way people might respond to this in unexpected places. What if this appeared at a bus stop? What about in a supermarket? When do cameras feel like tools of surveillance, or toys? 

My work hopes to invite people to be curious and connect with a sense of imagination. How might digital technologies be able to facilitate this in an accessible way? 

“Play means presence, but not just presence. Responsiveness, but not just responsiveness. Presence and responsiveness, lightness and attentiveness, improvisation and creativity, a willingness to let go and become part of something new.” – Bernard de Kover, The Infinite Playground 

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