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Playdeo | Avo

Roles: Avo - Editor, Making of Avo - Producer, Editor

"Groundbreaking 'playable TV.'" - Apple


During my two years as an in-house Creative at Playdeo I worked as a part of the team behind Avo - the interactive story of Billie, a young inventor, and the avocado she brings to life. Set in a playable world, Avo melds the magic of games and live-action TV using innovative technology and dynamic editing.


Involved in the project from pre-production through to launch, I had the pleasure of editing the live-action footage in the game and producing and editing our behind the scenes film, Making of Avo.

Interested in reading more about Avo? Check out this Medium article, Avo, Bandersnatch, and the New Grammar of Television by Dan Hill.


As part of the release of Avo, I really enjoyed producing Making of Avo to showcase the efforts of the team and tell the story of how the project came to be - from early prototypes to global launch. 

Avo was named Apple’s Game Of The Day, and nominated for Beazley's Design Of The Year on its release, winning millions of players and friends worldwide.

Avo Credits - Playdeo Team

Nick Ludlam

Ruby Bell

Geraldo Nascimento

Jonathan Topf

Peter Martingell

Jamie Swanson

David Evans

Jack Schulze 

Timo Arnall

Sophie Knowles

Making of Avo Credits

Producer - Ruby Bell

DOP - Nurri Kim

Editor - Ruby Bell

Sound Recordist - Tom Fisher

Original Music/Composer - Graham Hadfield

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