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CatCon From Your Couch

Roles: CatCon From Your Couch - Editor, You And Me - Director, Editor

What is CatCon? One way to describe it is ‘Comic-Con for Cat People’. Since 2015, it has been run as a 2-day convention in LA, welcoming 78,000 attendees, and has been featured in The New York Times, BuzzFeed, Reuters, Vanity Fair, and Glamour.


Due to the 2020 pandemic, CatCon needed to temporarily shift to online events and bring together the cat community digitally. CatCon From Your Couch was created and ran in both October 2020 and again in April 2021.


I worked as an editor on CCFYC, editing together two days worth of cat-content for the live-streamed online weekend event. CCFYC saw headliners such as Kesha, Grace Africa, The Merrell Twins, Heidi Gardner, and Georgia Hardstark (and their cats!) 


For CatCon 2021, I co-directed and edited a short film in celebration of National Cat Lady Day using all user-generated content. Susan Michal’s poem, ‘You and Me’, tells the story of the bond between cat lady and cat, and the film brought together over 70 womxn in the cat community who shared their treasured videos and images with their beloved cats. 

“I have worked with Ruby on a few projects thus far, and I'm sure many more to come! Collaboration is at the epicenter of my business, and Ruby is a collaborative force, through and through. I count on her to see things I don't, to infuse nuances, and spot opportunities that I may have overlooked in the production. She is editor, producer, and storyteller, all in one!” - Susan Michals, Creator of CatCon

CatCon From Your Couch Credits

Directors - Susan Michals, Roxanna Dunlop

Executive Producers - Roxanna Dunlop, Carole McManus, Michelle Borok

Line Producer - Erin Ray

Tech Director - Jacob Michals

Editors - Ruby Bell, Mackenzie Johnson, Roxanna Dunlop

GFX - Ronald Rhodes

Graphic Designer - Abigail Michals

You and Me Credits

Directors - Susan Michals and Ruby Bell

Editor - Ruby Bell

Voiceover - Roxanna Dunlop

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